Ivan Dvorak & syn - design, klenoty, Praha

Vážení a milí,

představujeme Vám ukázky šperků, které tvoříme se srdcem výtvarníka, s láskou k ušlechtilému kovu i kamenům.

Inspiraci hledáme ve všem kolem sebe, ale především v lidech, pro které jsou šperky určeny.

A protože většina šperků již zdobí Vaše ruce, výstřihy a ušní lalůčky, děkujeme Vám tímto za vaši důvěru a odvahu.

Ivan Dvořák & Standa Dvořák

Ivan Dvorak Jewellery is one of the best-kept secrets on Hatton Garden in London or Prague, even though the store is hiding in plain sight amongst the myriad of similar jewellers stores. You will get amazing pieces for your money and the best customer service you could ask for. The staff is professional, welcoming but not pushy at all, and can be trusted. After all they offer a truly custom made service tailored to each individuals needs. You won’t find a sales person in their store, just friendly, dedicated craftsmen who help us design and created both our wedding bands and engagement ring just the way we wanted them.

- A big THANK YOU from Agnieszka and Silviu, Plymouth, UK

My fiance and I picked Ivan Dvorak Jewellery to make my engagement ring as we felt that we would get more personal service in a smaller shop. We particularly liked the fact that Zuzana was actually working and making jewellery when we walked in. The design process was quick and the computer program Zuzana used made it very easy to visualize what my ring would look like. The end result is perfect and exactly what I wanted. Zuzana even made extra effort so that I would get my ring before Xmas. I couldn't have asked for quicker, better service and end result!

- Eeva Ruokanen, London, UK

Since my sister first went for a wedding ring, our whole family have had jewelery custom designed by Zuzana at Ivan Dvorak. She will work with you on your own idea and send virtual mock-ups and agree a price before anything is made. All in all, exceptional service, good value and an excellent end product. We refer to them as the family jewellers these days!

- Matthew, London

I was really impressed with the design and craftsmanship that went into the engagement ring I requested. I felt the personal service I received was exceptional, never feeling like I was wasting time while I considered my options and alternate designs. Zuzana was lovely, happy to guide me through all aspects of the design and purchase while maintaining a friendly approach. I have recommended Ivan Dvorak Jewellery to several of my friends since.

- Callum, London, UK

I originally met with Zuzana at Ivan Dvorak in September of 2013 - the very first jeweller I went to, just by chance, on my search for an engagement ring. I found Zuzana to be friendly, honest, open and not pushy at all. I did meet with numerous jewellers subsequently but none filled me with anything like the confidence Zuzana did; the skill and craftsmanship in her work was spectacular and her attention to detail second to none but, most importantly, she seemed to truly care about making everything just perfect and nothing seemed too much trouble for her. I admit to being hard to please but the finished ring was beyond my expectations and my Fiancée gets complimented on it pretty much everywhere she goes. When it comes to getting married and buying two more rings for the occasion, Zuzana will be the only person I will be going to see.

- Steve Cooper, Epping, Essex

My wife and I found the service at Ivan Dvorak Jewellery to be excellent, the design and production was done exactly as we wanted with quality workmanship.

- Victor, London

In few words, we are truly very happy with Ivan Dvorak's service and interactive client approach. Their design is very nice and full of fresh ideas which makes it different in a comparison to other jewelry.

- Arseni, Moscow, Russia

We were are incredibly grateful for all the help with designing our very own special engagement ring and wedding bands. I knew exactly what I wanted and they delivered it perfectly in such a friendly and supportive way. Even when I accidentally lost my engagement ring they were great with the insurance and determined to make me a new ring even better than the last. I love it so much!

- Lucy & Adam, Reading, UK

When we were looking for our wedding rings, we wanted something distinctive, different and personal. Some online research on London jewelers brought Ivan Dvorak to our attention and it was with some excitement that we paid them a visit. Looking at the array of rings generally available in the many jewellers on Hatton Garden, and then in the Dvorak window, it was clear to us that the rings were head an shoulders above everything else we had seen.

On our first visit we were shown a selection of rings and some bespoke designs that had been created for other clients. We were talked through them and it was explained that we could have a ring designed to any idea that was special to us; choice of metal, thickness, surface texture, profile, engraving, it was really fantastic to know that we could have something truly bespoke, all hand made in the workshop on the premises. After a week or so thinking about what we wanted, we paid another visit and talked through what we wanted, which was a mix of designs that we had been shown plus a custom engraving based on a 17th century ring we had seen.

4 weeks later our rings were fitted, and ready for the engraving, which was impeccably and perfectly executed. We are absolutely delighted with our rings, which we both love, and have drawn lots of admiring comments.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ivan Dvorak Jewellery, we recommend them highly to anyone wanting a beautiful and distinctive ring, and given the quality of design and craftsmanship, at a very reasonable price. Absolutely perfect!

- Julia and Vicky

After experiencing a heartbreaking burglary in which a ring with great sentimental value had been stolen, I approached Ivan Dvorak Jewellery with a very general idea of a `medieval-style' ring set in semi-precious stones. Zuzana helped me design it, and I could not be happier with the results. Everyone comments on it and I always tell them I was inspired by a 12th-century crown spotted at the Musee du Moyen-Age in Paris.

- Steve, London, UK

My husband and I are very pleased with the wedding bands we had made by Ivan Dvorak Jewellery. The service was quick, considering my band had to be custom made to fit with the engagement ring, and the results are fabulous!

- Yulia, Zurich

I was initially very wary as there is only a mobile phone number but, having checked they exist via Google Earth, I ordered a Peridot ring. Communication was excellent, delivered as required, I was very pleased with end result and I have earned quite a few "Brownie" points with my wife!

- Paul Goldwin, North Colchester

IMy fiancé and I were delighted when we found Ivan Dvorak Jewellery. Their designs stood out amongst the dozens of other jewellers on Hatton Gardens. Zuzana and Ivan listened to my brief and came up with a beautiful idea for my engagement and wedding ring based on my work as a garden designer. If you don't like the run of the mill designs for jewellery, IDJ is for you.

- PLizzie, Hammersmith, London